Racin' Your Way

Speed is our blood. Adrenaline leads us. We overcome the fear and take over the podium. Two categories. Two teams. Four riders. Take a ride on the Moto GP championship with us!

Our four skilled pilots that are about to ride their way and amuse us during the whole season: are you ready to meet them?

Team moto3

Points: 90

Position: 10th

10th January, 1996


In 2016, he got his first podium and during his career he's stepped on the podium six times.
In 2017, he won the Italian Grand Prix and he made his first fastest lap at the Spanish Grand Prix with a 01'46.923 timing at the average speed of 148.9 km/h.

Points: 0

Position: 32nd

May 31, 2004 (17 years old)


New in Moto3, Alberto participated in the Italian
GP as Wild Card. Having previously competed in CIV,
in the Moto3 category.

Passion for motorcycling led us to succeed in a number of championships and in the global market. In 1997 we entered the competition world and attained our first GP victory. Just two years later, Emiilio Alzamora was our first rider to crown 125cc World Championship.

Daijiro Katoh, Andrea Dovizioso, Álvaro Bautista, Gabor Talmacsi, Julián Simón... Numerous legends have since then taken over GP's world championship with YASUNI.

Are you ready to write the to be continued of this amazing story?

Emilio Alzamora becomes YASUNI's first 125 cc World Champion.

Daijiro Katoh becomes 250 cc world champion, after setting a record of 11 victories out of 16 races.

Marc Márquez when he became the winner of the CCV.

Julián Simón takes over the 125 cc World Championship.

Joan Mir is crowned Champion of Aragon.

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