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New 4T and ECO ranges

The new design of the new range of 4T is completely different to fit the new certification standards (Euro 3) and, at the same time, preserves the good performance, offering a unique sound and design of the brand. It offers more torque and 40% less weight than the original exhaust. The silencer has a profile in a "Diamond" shape in stainless steel AISI-304. The assembly is of great mechanical strength due to the meticulous assembly. The fasteners and components are stainless steel, with the cone/end cap in reinforced polyamide. The gases evacuation system is direct fire with the addition of mineral fibers for an improved retention of sound. It is an ideal product that can both satisfy the user you wants exclusive and different  product, and the user who eventually needs to replace his original exhaust.

On the other hand, due to the growing demand for economic releases but with the YASUNI's guarantee, we have created the new "ECO" range, which will soon be available. This is an original type exhaust, CE approved, with good performance and at a fair price. It is made of APO4 steel and it is painted in black with a metal cover plate with YASUNI marking.

This new range is designed for the following models:
Suzuki, Minarelli (horizontal) Minarelli (vertical), Peugeot, Piaggio and Kimco.