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YASUNI official sponsor for American Racing Team Moto2 and Snipers Team Moto3

YASUNI will appear on the American Racing Team Moto2 motorbikes with the riders Cameron Beaubier and Marcos Ramirez, and on the Snipers Team Moto3 bikes, piloted by Andrea Migno and Filip Salac.

The company has a R&D + Innovation Department that creates competition exclusive products, with high quality materials and the latest technology, which will be fully invested in delivering the best exhausts for both teams.

Born in 1977, YASUNI entered the racing world and attained their first GP victory in 1997. Since then, the company has succeeded both, in a number of championships and in the global market, thanks to its pioneering products and solutions, that improve the bikes' performance and the users' driving experience.

"Welcome to Yasuni Brand in the Snipers family, we are very happy they have chosen our Team. This is a source of pride for us because we know their products and their quality very well. For a company that wants to reach levels of excellence in a field like ours, a commitment to racing is essential. It is only by testing and developing products in the most intense conditions, such as Grand Prix racing, that we can acquire the necessary skills and experience to make products that offer the best like Yasuni."
Mirko Cecchini, Team Principal Snipers

"Our project in the world of competition, goes back to more than 30 years ago, supporting top and young riders in their careers. We are very excited about this new collaboration with the American Racing Team in moto 2 and Snipers Team in moto 3, with their strong and solid structure, we look forward to an exciting 2021 season full of success and victories!"
Giovanni Felicciotti, Yasuni CEO

About Yasuni

Founded in 1977, YASUNI is a pioneering and historic Spanish brand of products and accessories for complete motorbike tuning. Its team is made of industrial engineers, technicians, prototypists, experienced welders and a young sales team, all of whom feel passionate about the motoring world.

In 1997, the brand expanded towards the European market with a notorious success. Nowadays, their products and solutions are sold across the world with more than 80% of revenue for international sales. Since 2007, YASUNI has been working with laser cut (LCS) and several robotic welding lines (EWS). Currently, 95% of welding processes are robotized.

Passion, excellence, community and technology lead this company based in Barcelona that, thanks to research, development and innovation, provides pioneering products and solutions to their costumers.