Fast news

We have a brand new image!

When the slogan is adapt or die, Yasuni knows exactly what to do: offer more and better, every time! To do so, we wanted to portray this new stage of brand new launches, greater R&D and new victories with a triple change: new logo, slogan and web.

New logo

Masculine, fast, forceful. Have you noticed? The letters of our new logo denote a road. It's tilted to show movement, and the result is pure strength and emotion. You will see it in several colours: elegant black, technological silver and a powerful and passionate red.

New slogan

Our slogan, Ridin 'your way, is a tribute to the road, to here and now, and to freedom. The freedom to choose your way and to tune your bike in your own style and with the ever distinctive touch of the best brand of accessories.

New website

We wanted a powerful and stylish website to match our products and quality. The main novelty is our prominent and practical home page, from where you can search for products for your bike or find a dealer straight away, without having to browse at all.

What do you think of the new features? Please send us your feedback!