Where can I find Yasuni products?

We do not sale directly to the consumer. Our products are distributed through a network of official dealers. To find a dealer, click here.

How can I know the selling price of a Yasuni product?

To obtain a list of available products for your bike, click on Product on our website. From there, simply select the brand and model of your bike or use the search engine.

There are more mufflers available for my Yasuni bike. Which version do you recommend?

The choice between the different versions is subjective and, above all, aesthetic. Look for the model that best suits your needs taking into account your bike model and budget.

Can I buy spare parts?

Of course, you can order spare parts directly from our authorized dealers. To find a dealer, click here

I have lost the approval certificate, is it possible to obtain a copy?

The approval certificate can be found in the User's Guide, which you can download from our website. In addition, you can make a request by email to the following address info@yasuni.com, specifying the brand, model and year of the bike, as well as the homologation numbers engraved on the silencer.

How can I become a Yasuni retailer?

To become a Yasuni retailer, we suggest you contact one of our dealers. Click here for a list of dealers.

Who can I contact for a warranty claim?

For any warranty claim we ask you to process it through our website at the address.

Where can one find images of Yasuni products?

High resolution photos can be downloaded from our website.

During a roadside inspection, the police asked me to indicate on the Technical Inspection Card of the vehicle, the fact that I had replaced the original silencer with an approved Yasuni exhaust pipe. What should I do?

The installation of a CE approved exhaust does not require any modification to the vehicle's Technical Inspection Card.

After installing a Yasuni silencer, do I have to adjust the map of the original switchboard or make any other change to the motorcycle?

Unless otherwise specified in the manual, no modification of the original map is required. Our exhaust pipes are developed in the test bench with the motorcycle in its original configuration. However, modifying the map and / or installing an additional switchboard can contribute to better performance.

My original muffler is equipped with a lambda probe. Does the Yasuni collector have an input to mount this probe?

If the lambda probe is present in the original exhaust, the Yasuni connecting tube will be equipped with the necessary hole to place the bike's original lambda probe.

How can I clean my Yasuni muffler?

We recommend cleaning the metal parts with a soft and non-abrasive cloth using a cleaning product (for example: WD-40 or similar). Use a soft cloth and detergent to clean the carbon parts. For any maintenance operation, turn off the engine and wait until the exhaust pipe is cool.