Axial Transmission

Take full control of the revs and get maximum power for maximum time.

A revolution in performance. A revolution in tuning. A maintenance revolution. A smart revolution.

Immediate acceleration, so that nothing stops your revolution. Our frictionless Axial Variator allows for a better throttle feel and immediate response.

Take your bike to the next level

  • Full throttle control, power delivery.
  • Quicker start/stop than standard.
  • Immediate response on opening and closing.
  • Recovery and 'engine braking'.
  • Holds maximum power for maximum time.

From road to circuit

  • 65% increase in acceleration power
  • 20% more power in mid-range
  • 10% more speed
  • 20% increase in acceleration power
  • Up to 25% increase in mid-range power
  • 15% more top speed
  • 25% increase acceleration power
  • 18% more power in mid-range